Bethink™ Board Game


A fun board game for teams or a family. Bible based group activities that will test your memory and creativity.

Activities include:

  • Recalling where a scripture is located
  • What a scripture says and naming
  • Drawing or acting out Bible characters
  • Acting out a scene in the ministry
  • Recalling a song

Gem spaces allow the player to share something recently appreciated from a broadcast, meeting or during personal study.

Simplified version instructions for 2-3 players are also included. A different game every time you play! Includes 1 game board, 100 Bible Character Flash Cards, 100 Bible Scripture Flash Cards, 4 playing pieces, 1 sand timer and 1 die. Game board size: 18-1/4″ x 18-1/4″.

The included Bible Character Flash Cards consist of 100 characters and more than 850 scriptural references. They are used in Bethink™ for naming, drawing and acting out Bible characters. These cards can also be used apart from the board game as a general memory aid.

The included Bible Scripture Flash Cards consist of 100 scriptures and quotations from baptism questions and field ministry presentations. Scripture quotations are from the 2013 edition of the New World Translation. They are used in Bethink™ for remembering scripture quotations and citations. These cards can also be used apart from the board game as a general memory aid.


Card packs can also be purchased separately. Look for “Bible Flash Cards”

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